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Web Communications



We all understand the increasing importance that the web plays in our society and in our everyday lives. MCLA's website serves as an engaging tool and resource for everyone from prospective students, parents, current students, alumni, community members  and a host of other stakeholders. 

As members of the MCLA community, we all strive to tell the College's story through our respective roles. A key supporter of this goal are the MCLA Web Champions. These are individuals - at least one in each of the College's departments - whose role it is to make sure that the respective page(s) and site(s) in their department reflect our communication efforts, and ultimately engages visitors of the College's site.

To that end, while Web Champions are not responsible for producing or undertaking a major content/design overhaul to their pages/sites, there are some quick tasks and updates that should be accomplished by the person in this role.

Thank you for your continued efforts to share and promote MCLA's story. 



Web Communications Resources and Project Assistance

The links below offer tools for Web Champions and those with project requests.

Web Champions: review this training presentation for a quick refresher on using the system.


In addition to Web Champions, we recommend that those with requests please take a look at the "Most Common Web Champion Related Tasks," as this will give you a better indication as to whom to direct your request to.

Click here to find your department/division Web Champion


If you do not see your project request within the scope of the Web Champion, please click here to submit your request to the Web Communications Manager, Roberta McCulloch-Dews.